Improve Local Ranking Using Geogrids

Enhance Local Rank Tracking And Strategy With LeadSnap's Versatile Grid Points

When you’re after precise local rank tracking data, you want to make sure every data point you’re using for your Map Scans counts because not all potential data points are relevant, so you want to make sure you get the best data to use to implement your ranking strategies. 

Although LeadSnap’s default Map Scan grid shape is a square, you can move the square around on the map or resize the square on any of the four sides. Additionally, you can use the “exacto knife” tool to outline the EXACT area you want to search. 

This allows you to easily avoid running your Grid in geographical areas with low population density, over water, forest, or any other reason you want to avoid an area. This make LeadSnap’s Heat Map Geo Grids super flexible to get you the most accurate data available anywhere!


What Are The Key Characteristics Of Custom Grid Points?

Within LeadSnap’s Scan Settings you can easily adjust:

Grid Area 

As described above, the searchable grid area makes a major difference in the data you’re getting. If you run your grid over an unpopulated area and are ranking well, you might think you are crushing when you look at your average across the area searched. However, your data will be skewed and you will not see the expected results based on the search. 

Grid Size

With LeadSnap’s Heat Map Geo Grid, you can choose the number of geolocations to run in each grid. For example, a 13×13 grid is going to create 169 specific geolocations. If you don’t want that much detail, you can also search 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, or 9×9!

Distance Between Points

In conjunction with Grid Size, you can also select the distance between each point. The smaller the distance, the greater the detail and accuracy you’ll find in the results. The available options are:

  • .01 mi
  • .25 mi
  • .5 mi
  • 1 mi
  • 2.5 mi
  • 5 mi
  • 10 mi
  • 25 mi
As you can see, there are a lot of options to get the most accurate data to use for your use case!

GMB Heatmaps

Improving Rankings With Heat Map Geo Grid Data

Once you have the Heat Map Geo Grid Data, you can implement multiple strategies to improve rankings based on where you currently rank and why. Data is KING in this equation!

If you aren’t ranking well close to the geolocation of your listing, you’ll likely need basic optimization like reviews, photos, posts, and products that make your listing relevant for the keywords you want to rank for. 

If you’re ranking well close to home and want to expand your geogrid local ranking, you’ll likely need to implement more advanced strategies, like inserting location and services into your review responses as well as on your site. You’ll also want to make your site more powerful for those keywords and locations by boosting it’s relevance through backlinking and content strategies. 

With the right data, you can create all kinds of straegies to improve geogrid local ranking!


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