How To Rank Better With Geogrid Rank Tracking

GeoGrid Rank Tracking Is The Practice Of Monitoring And Analyzing The Search Engine Rankings Of Businesses Within Specific Geographic Areas Using A Grid-Based Approach.

LeadSnap’s advanced Heat Map Geo Grid rank tracker offers a unique way to visualize your rankings with incredible detail. Using our proprietary technology, we present geospatial data that accurately maps and tracks local businesses. With our Heat Map Geo Grid Rank Tracker, you’ll gain valuable insights into your local SEO efforts, enabling you to enhance your content and achieve better rankings. Our data is elegantly presented on a map, allowing you to easily visualize pack rankings within a customizable distance. As Google evolves its approach to local search results for an enhanced user experience, our tool keeps you ahead of the game.

Google employs various factors to determine local rankings, including distance between searchers and your business. We’ve observed that proximity has gained prominence in Google’s local algorithm, although this isn’t a flawless process and errors might occur in determining proximity. Despite this, our Local Brand Manager offers remarkably accurate geogrid rank tracking, even considering the potential margin of error.

Our tool provides two methods for obtaining this ranking data. One method is via the Google Places API, which we guide you on using cost-effectively. However, this method doesn’t cover Service-Area Businesses. The second approach involves our proprietary data gathering, examining local Service-Area Business results alongside other businesses that openly display addresses, enhancing the accuracy of the local SERPs overview.

Your maps can be easily converted to PDFs, or you can utilize our unique reporting feature. Our system re-scans your Heat Map Geo Grid at scheduled times, storing the completed Heat Maps in your secure account. This way, you can show clients the ranking improvements and demonstrate campaign benefits. Our rich media reports can be transformed into time-lapse GIFs, showcasing ranking increases over time, a compelling way to impress clients and increase retention.

Our Heat Map Geo Grid adapts to your search country, including recognizing TLDs and language switches. You can adjust the grid center to modify proximity-based results, allowing you to visualize ranking changes based on grid center adjustments, offering ultimate flexibility.

Each node can be clicked to view competitor rankings at corresponding GPS coordinates, and you can interact with listings from this view, even reporting spam listings. We facilitate the extraction of GPS coordinates from each node, enabling optimization on a granular level.

The Heat Map Geo Grid can be integrated into your white-label reports, and you can automate their distribution at your preferred intervals. By offering more accurate and unique reports, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and impress clients with unparalleled insights.

Effortlessly plan the timing of your Heat Map Geo Grid scans as per your preferences.

Optimize coverage area!

Observe your visibility irrespective of your status as a service-area business or otherwise.


Commonly Asked Questions

Is it possible to monitor service-area businesses?

Certainly, you have the capability to monitor service-area businesses through the SAB mode of the Heat Map Geo Grid.

Is it possible to automate the scheduling of Heat Map Geo Grids?

Absolutely, you have the option to schedule automated Heat Map Geo Grids for specific keywords and locations. This can be done using our simple scheduler for any location that has a Google Business Profile.

What are the distinctions between SAB (Service-Area Business) options?

The Heat Map Geo Grid works exactly the same regardless of whether the location is a  Service-Area Business or not! The Heat Map Geo Grid encompasses both address-based businesses and those without addresses.

How do Heat Map / GeoGrid credits work?

Currently, the it’s one search = one credit. Within the search you can look at multiple views, including the ranking from the standpoint of every competitor result in each search without being charged another search. You can also share the results with a live link so your prospects and clients can look on their own! 

Is it possible to send Heat Maps in reports?

Yes! LeadSnap has an amazing reporting feature which allows you to whitelabel your reports and send to clients for their review! 

Is it possible to export Heat Map Geo Grids?

Yes! You have the option to export Heat Maps Geo Grid data to CSV files, via PDF file, or share the results link so your prospect or client can see results in real time without having to login anywhere!

Google Business Profile Heat Maps Are A Game Changer!