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Heat Map Ranking Strategies For SEO and Lead Generation

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GMB Heat Map Rankings

Heat Map Ranking Strategies For SEO and Lead Generation

Hello everyone. My name is Jeff Howell. I’m the director of marketing for LeadSnap. And in the prior video, I showed you how to run a heat map. And I randomly chose a roofing contractor in Franklin, Tennessee. And this is the heat map that was run. And that I showed you in the prior video. And as you can see, each one of those geo locations is telling us exactly what the, the GMB ranking is in that specific geolocation.

So, as I mentioned before, it’s ranking first, right around in here. And second, right around in here, any of these bubbles that say one, two or three, that is a direct representation of where it ranks in the map pack and anything outside of. That is showing the ranking in the, those specific locations. And when it’s fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, I mean, these are great opportunities to start throwing some strategic resources at the GMB to start to boost the ranking in those areas and increase the call volume significantly over time.

So what are some of those strategies that we can use? We’ll fight. Sort of zoom in here. I can see it’s ranking forthright or right around here, west Harpeth, you know, rudder Ville, uh, Thompson station Burwood. So if we just focused on those four neighborhood locations, what are some of the things that we could do to help this GMB rank better in those locations?

The first thing that I, and the easiest thing that I would say is to upload more photos to the GMB. Yes. One photos that are actually taken in those specific locations and tagged with those specific neighborhood keywords. So best roofer, Burwood, roofing contractor, Thompson station, best roofing contact tractor, Rutter, Ville, et cetera.

Get those signals to Google that you are important in those specific neighborhoods. The next thing you could do is get some reviews from those areas and mention in the reviews, Hey, use this roofing company company in Burwood. They were amazing. And then when you reply to those reviews, same things, Hey, thanks a lot for calling us out to Burwood, to take care of your roofing issues, whatever.

Those are going to signal Google that you are more and more important in those neighborhoods. I would also say to, uh, create. Neighborhood pages on your website for these specific neighborhood locations. And that’s going to be another signal to Google that you’re important and little by little, this, these signals are going to add up and Google’s going to favor you a little bit more.

In these geo locations, and then you’ll start ranking better and carving off more and more traffic with your GMB. And then you would just continue the strategy. As you move forward, you run your heat map and see how you’re improving, and then the lowest hanging fruit, as far as like the closest you are to getting in the map pack, focus on those specific areas and run these strategies so that you could.

Uh, increase your ranking and carve off more traffic. Obviously backlinking could be very important in the strategy as well. Be getting back links with anchor text, mentioning those neighborhoods, getting links specifically from other powerful sites that are in those areas for. And all of the other SEO tactics and strategies that you can think up.

So what this heat map gives us as a solid representation of where we’re at, where we can go and where we can spend our resources to get the most bang for our buck to increase the volume, the call volume for the GMB asset. So that’s what I have for you. I hope you enjoyed it. If you’d like a 7 day trial to test drive this software, follow the link below, and you can run as many heat maps as you like, and kind of figure it out for yourself and see how important this software can be for your lead generation business.

All right, thanks a lot!

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