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Heat Map Prospecting For Painting Contractors

Painting Pensacola

Hello, my name is Jeff. Today I want to walk you through a Heat Map Prospecting For Painting Contractors in Pensacola. So the first thing I would do here is just Google “painting contractor Pensacola.” And this is what Google returns from my search. The first business, “Fresh Start Painting” 39 reviews. I can see they have some Google justifications here with “painting contractor.” Those are coming from the website. This one’s coming from a review. 39 reviews on the first listing, 38, and 22 respectively on the map pack. So I went ahead and ran a Heat Map for Fresh Start. They were the top of the list, just to see where they rank citywide around Pensacola for the keywords “painting contractor.”

So here’s what we see. They have a pretty solid rank right around this area, but you see a lot of that’s in water. So they have, they’re probably if they’re based here and they’re in second position, obviously in the East side of the city, it looks like they’re ranking better there in the map pack around this whole area, which is great. They have a lot of room to approve over here, going towards the west. So again, Heat Maps give you the real insight that you need into your own business and your competitor’s business so you know what actions you can take immediately with your Google listing to get it to rank better and carve off market share from those competitors.

So if we look down here at the, at the averages, I can see Fresh Start Painting is actually in second position overall for the entire area that I’ve searched. And the company in first position, or that has the highest average position for that area is Reliable Painting. So they’re doing slightly better than Fresh Start, but that is definitely their top competitor and then the next competitor in third place, Randy, or Richard Ingram Painting is down almost to an average of 10. So they are only ranking really because you can see in the Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast section of the city, respectively. Richard Ingram is not even cracking10th position in two of these areas and barely cracking 10th position in the other. So they’re not even showing up, this Richard Ingram, only in one quarter of the city where they’re in fourth position. So they’re far behind Reliable and Fresh Start.

So if I were Richard Ingram, I would be looking at the map here. I think I did that wrong. I’d go here and click on one of these bubbles. Then it’ll show me the list and then I can look at Richard Ingram and flip the map ranking so I can see how Richard is ranking. So see, he is ranking up here in this one area of the city, but he’s got a lot of room to improve in this whole lower Southern area, Western area and in the Eastern areas, it’s got a little, a part of the Northern area where he’s ranking in first, and second, and some of those levels of third.

As you can see, having this level of insight can give you a real head start in how you’re going to approach what you’re doing to rank better.

So in this case, let’s look at Richard Ingram real quick. Let’s look at his, his, um, his Google listing. So he does have a website, a real website that’s up, we’ll look at that and see what that’s like. He has some photos. We go to the photos, looks like the last one was updated in August of this year, 2021. That’s not too bad. It looks like he’s got a decent number, could have a lot more though. It’s like maybe only 15 or so, 10 or 15. You really want to have at least 30 photos up.

He’s got 40 – 4.9 reviews, that’s great. See what the website looks like. And not a lot of content on the front page. It doesn’t look like there’s any other navigation to go to an about page or, oh, we are navigation right here, kind of hidden. So very minimal, maybe 150, 200 words, services, very limited number of words. I would break each one of these out into separate pages and have lots of pictures and a thousand to three thousand words of content about each one of these services. That’s what I would recommend it, you know, who knows how much good it will do to get that ranking up, but it’ll those keywords on the page will definitely make it more powerful and help. You also want to get backlinks to the page, we want to make sure their citations and all of that. That’s a little bit more in depth than I want to go into here, but just to let you know, that’s where I would start with this contractor.

If I were Fresh Start Painting, obviously the reviews are very critical in ranking and we have all three of these top competitors right around the same number. So Fresh Start and Reliable and, Richard Ingram are all around 40 reviews. So we would want to make sure to start Fresh Start on a “Reputation Management” program through our software that would help generate reviews that are on point and pointing to the location, mentioning the locations where they want to increase their ranking so that they would be able to get those signals to Google that they’re relevant in those other areas and increase their ranking overall in those areas.

So that’s the way I would start that. That’s how Heat Maps can give you a massive insight, not only into how to rank your business better, if you’re an SEO agency and how to rank your client’s projects better, or if you are an SEO agency and you’re looking at prospecting or Lead Gen agency, and you’re looking at prospecting, here’s your list right here and you can see where everybody is in the stack. You can see all these people down here are taking the leftovers from Reliable, Fresh Start, and to some degree Richard Ingram. But here’s a whole list of people that you would call with massive insight into their businesses and how they’re ranking so that you can help improve them.

That’s all I have for today. Thanks a lot. If you need anything, let me know.

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