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Heat Map Prospecting For Concrete Contractors

Concrete Pensacola

Hello, my name is Jeff, today I’m going to run through a Heat Map Prospecting For Concrete Contractors for concrete in Pensacola, Florida. I chose Pensacola randomly. I did a search right here for concrete Pensacola, and this is what Google gave back to me. As a result, Zerber concrete with 43 reviews came up first. 

You see this Google justification down here? “This is our go-to concrete place from now on” and a couple of others. I have justifications here with the reviews and then one down here has this one with “provides concrete services.” So that’s how Google is showing the ones that are most relevant to the search “concrete Pensacola.”

So Zerber comes up first and has 43 reviews, so what I did was I took this Google My Business listing, and I ran a Heat Map. So, this is what the Heat Map preZerber concrete looks like with the keywords “concrete patio.” As you can see around Pensacola, they’re in first position within the entire central area, and they have a few geo locations here that are in second place and then as it goes further East over here, they get into the threes, fours, and fives. Still really, really solid representation across the city. I’m going to guess that they probably have the best average in the city, but I’m going to take a look at that right now. And yes, I am correct Zerber concrete has an average of second position across the entire area that I searched. Abrahams is in second place with 2.7 and so on.

So with running a Heat Map like this, what you can see is not only who’s in first position, your own asset, if you will, or your own Google My Business listing, but also where your competitors stand in comparison. So let’s say Abraham’s was coming up at 2.25 or something like that. I mean, they’re still a pretty close second, but if they were that close, you would know, “Hey, you know, Abraham’s is going to be taking over some of these geo locations any time now, so I better continue to up my game.” I better go and do more research on Abraham, see what they’re doing and make sure that I’m continuously doing one better.

When I look at the Zerber concrete, GMB, actually, sometimes it comes up like this, where it shows in a location where it’s out in the middle of nowhere. I’m not sure why it does that, but at the end of the day, it’s showing me the right Google My Business listing. It shows me they have 43 – 5 star reviews.

Now here’s the interesting thing is they do not have a website attached to their Google My Business, they have a Facebook page. So that’s interesting. We’ll look at that in just a second. It looks like I have 24 photos and what did we say? 43 reviews pretty solid. So when I go to this Facebook page, interesting, they have 21 – 5 star reviews on the Facebook page. I think that’s an interesting way to get a website, if you will, or some kind of like a URL attached to the Google My Business listing. I’m not sure that I’ve ever seen a successful GMB with a Facebook attached. Now that might be just an anomaly based on the location in Pensacola, based on competition, or, you know, like I said, it’s the only one I’ve ever seen that’s ranking that highly and doesn’t look like it’s that active. It’s been about a year and a half since they’ve even posted anything on it. I’m sure those 21 reviews go a long way, but you can see, they did post all these posts were in July, July of 2020. It looks like they posted everything on the same day and somehow, there you go, that’s November, 2019, a bunch of stuff in July, 2020.

Anyway, it just gives you an idea, like they’re not even really managing this page and keeping it up to date. How do you get to these reviews? Like you get to the reviews, then I could see when the last review was, how do you get their reviews? Oh here. So five out of five stars. So December 9th was the last time that they were recommended. So that’s the last time before that was April. So not like huge presence here with consistency, but because they have 21 overall, I’m sure that’s serving them well. So anyway, this gives you a good idea of who the competition is and where they’re ranking so that you can develop a strategy.

Let’s say you were this company right here, FoxCrete and you wanted to, let me see, let me go here. I’ll look up FoxCrete and we’re going to flip the map ranking so I can see where FoxCrete is ranking. So I can see FoxCrete is doing well on the West side and that’s it. So what they would want to do is go into some of these other locations like Bellevue, I don’t know what their website looks like. Let’s see what their website looks like real quick if they have one. Here we go. Because Concrete Construction Group, what I would do if I were them is I would go in and start throwing up location pages on their website for some of these areas where they’re just almost about to rank right here. 

I would probably start here in this central area and I would put a Bellevue page on there, I’d put a west Pensacola, Warrington, Brent, Ensley, Gonzalez. I would put all of these pages on their website. That would be one way. Another way is when I’ve got reviews, I would have people mention Bellevue and some of these other places in the review. So that’s telling Google you’re more relevant in these areas. And then I would go and do a lot more deep dive research into the competitors that are beating them in these areas and try to figure out what they’re doing that is better than FoxCrete and do the same thing and one better so that you can continuously get more and more attention from Google and climb up the rankings and beat these other people out.

So that’s how I would use a Heat Map to create a strategy that would be implemented to crush the competition and go after Zeber in this location in Pensacola, Florida, and carve off more and more and more of their market share and dominate this entire map over time. So that’s what I would do. I hope you enjoyed it.

If you have any questions, let me know, take care of.

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