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Effectively Monitor And Clearly Trace Your Listings

Gain in-depth insights into your online presence by accurately assessing your business’s ranking in specific areas. With our comprehensive scanning and optimization services, you can strategically improve your positioning on both Google Maps and Google Search results. Our GeoGrid tracking system is meticulously designed to empower your business, aiming to secure that coveted top spot in search results. By leveraging this tool, you can not only track your progress but also take proactive steps to enhance your visibility and climb the ranks to claim the #1 position. Elevate your online presence and ensure your business stands out from the competition with our specialized solutions.


Google Business Profile (GBP)

LeadSnap: Analyze Your Competition

LeadSnap provides you with up-to-the-minute data on your business and competitors, aiding you in identifying regions with varying levels of traffic potential. Armed with this valuable insight, you can enhance your local SEO tactics and access detailed profiles of leading listings. Explore who surpasses your position and strategize on ways to reach the coveted #1 ranking.

Track Your Advancement

Examine precise dates and timestamps for your scans in various regions. Gain complete access to your extensive scan records, including specific distance measurements, allowing you to monitor your progress over time. Our user-friendly system is designed for generating reports, enabling you to conveniently download your maps as PDFs for swift and impressive client presentations.

Tailored Grid Distances

Every ranking is location-specific, ensuring that all rankings fall within a configurable distance from each other, regardless of the country. Our GeoGrid functionality is accessible for numerous global locations. Effectively oversee multiple businesses with personalized grid distances and monitor your advancements. Select from a range of options, spanning from 2km to 50km or opt for a 5 by 5 grid layout, strategically promoting both your local and international business endeavors. You have the flexibility to align your grid center with your desired area, providing seamless access to rankings based on your chosen center point.

User-Friendly Interface

LeadSnap offers a color-coded and interactive platform that simplifies the process of reviewing your outcomes. Each node can be selected to display your ranking along with comprehensive competitor information. The straightforward layout allows you to assess your critical rankings at a glance. You can customize specific locations and access their outcomes without the need for manual searches.

Our Geogrid Tracking Technology

Geogrid Tracking Technology

We leverage geospatial data alongside your Google Search listings to effortlessly assess your rankings across designated coordinates in close proximity. This provides you with valuable insights into your business’s performance relative to competitors. This data reflects your business’s visibility on Google Maps listings, whether accessed through organic Google searches or local search finders like Google Maps.

Our GeoGrid combines ranking data from both the Google Places API and Service Area Business results, encompassing businesses that disclose their addresses. 

This holistic approach offers a comprehensive overview of your Google My Business (GMB) ranking. Numerical rankings indicate your position within specific areas, while color-coded scales represent rankings from the lowest to the highest, visually showcasing your areas of strength and areas for improvement.

Change Your Listings Game

When prospective customers conduct organic searches for your business on Google or Google Maps, it’s crucial to have insight into your current position and strategies for improvement. Google listings are frequently underestimated, yet they offer a powerful means to establish a local presence and attract consistent traffic. We continuously refine our system to deliver the most precise and up-to-date results for your business. Whether you aim to secure the top spot on Google in your locality or any location of your preference, our GBP rankings technology grants you unparalleled flexibility and effortless control over your business with just a single click.

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